World Ventures Stole My Money

I became a member of World Ventures a few months ago. I decided I no longer wanted their membership because the deals were far from the discounted rates they advertised.

I cancelled my account with them and received an email that confirmed that my account had been cancelled. Then the day my membership should not have been coming out it did any way!

I wrote them and demanded my money back. They responded telling me that they would refund the money but it would take 7 to 10 business days to get the money back to me!

At this point I am pissed off because they weren’t supposed to take my money in the first place and now I have to wait to get it back? What a crock of shit!

I told them that I want it back immediately and they ignored my emails for over 10 days now and I still don’t have my money back! I decided to put in a complaint with the BBB and I informed my bank that it was a fraudulent transaction.

Beware of this company and their auto-draft bull shit. They are not honest and they have stolen my money! As a side note I cancelled because I wanted to free up some money for advertising not because I was upset with them. They ruined the relationship after I quit their overpriced bull shit club.