is getting sued by Orbitz and United Airlines

It seems there is a site called

This site helps people get better airfare.

The way Skiplagged works is it exploits a loophole in the airline industry.

Basically you buy a ticket to a destination that you’re not going to but the plane trip has a layover in the real destination that you are seeking to go to.

For example if you lived in New York and you decide that you want to go to Denver Colorado. The thought is to buy a ticket to Los Angeles California and then get off in Denver and don’t take the second leg of the trip.

This strategy doesn’t work all of the time but United Airlines and are still suing Aktarer Zaman, the 22 year old man who started skiplagged, for $75,000 dollars in lost revenue.

According to Fox13 out of Salt Lake City Utah most expert think that what the young man is doing is not illegal. In my opinion they are just suing him to get him to go away.

It also seems that this strategy only works with one way tickets and when you don’t take checked luggage because checked luggage always goes to the final destination.(or it is supposed to)

One thing is for sure though I won’t be traveling with either Orbitz or United if they proceed with the law suit for a long time.

Skiplagged has launched a gofund me campaign to pay for the ensuing legal battle against them.

If you’d like to help this young entrepreneur out this is a link to his go fund me account where you can donate to help him fight off the legal battle he is faced with.

What are your thoughts on what this young man is doing?

Is it okay to take advantage of the loopholes in the airlines own inefficient design?

Let me know in the comments below.