Preparing For A Year Long Trip To Europe

Ever since I was 14 years old I have practiced Kung Fu. I started in Denver in August, 1994. Been training ever since. I practice a lot less now than I used to.

Back in 2015 I bought a truck with a camper on it and just started driving. We started off driving from Denver to Florida but as fate would have it we never made it all the way to Florida. Instead we ended up meeting with my Grandma in Nebraska and we traveled with her to Texas.

We traveled through the Big Bend National Park along the way and we stayed in Mission, Texas for a couple of months. Truth is going this route is a beautiful way to go but you had better make sure you get gas as often as you can because there are long, long stretches of nothing and no gas stations are available.

RV Park In Texas

Eventually, my wife and I ended up getting to Austin, Texas. It has honestly taken awhile to settle in here and we are strongly considering going back to Belize now that my online revenue has increased.

Austin has honestly been one of the coolest places I have ever been and I intend to make it our United States home, probably forever. That said we are getting the travel bug again.

We consider our home outside of the United States to be Hopkins Village in Belize. We have great friend’s there, people we consider family.


Our thought at the moment any way is to head back to Hopkins for awhile. We could use to save up some money and then we really want to take a trip to Europe for a year.

My friends, Demian and Gail, live in Barcelona, Spain and I have only seen them once in the last 7 years or so. The plan as of right now is to take a cruise ship, probably Cunard, From New York to Southampton.

Taking a transatlantic cruise through Cunard will allow us to bring our cats to Europe with us with more comfort for them that 16 hours of straight plane travel. The cruise takes 7 days and of course that is 7 days at sea. No stops. It is a lot more comfortable for us too. I am a large guy and sitting on a plane for 16 hours or more to get to Europe seems like a misery I am not currently prepared for.

The cruise will have live entertainment and has the only at sea planetarium. We can also get to Europe for as little as $600 a person by taking the cruise.

We will spend some time in Barcelona when we go but probably not more than a month before we take off for other interesting places. I really want to see the Mediterranean. I also, would like to go north into Ireland and Scotland to see the lands of my ancestors.

What we are doing to prepare for the trip is actually really minimal. We’re researching the best ways to get Europe and bring our pets, which I have already mentioned. We’re researching the best places to keep our stuff when we leave.

The truth is preparing for a trip like this really just requires a plan for making the money that you want to make and resources for getting what you need. My wife and I can live out of a backpack and a single suitcase.

As time goes on we will be planning where we will be staying when we leave but for now it is not needed. We will just jump on the plane and go… Are you this adventurous?

For many people with kids a plan like this seems stupid but we are kid free so we can do what we want and it ain’t our first rodeo. We will just get on a plane and go an find accommodations along the way, probably through the DreamTrips App.

Let me know in the comments how you would take a year long trip to Europe with kids. I am curious how that could happen for people with children. One of my friend’s is doing it by home schooling her children, so I curious about your ideas. Let me know.