2 Dangerous Animal Videos

Why is it that the most dangerous animals in the world are also the most fascinating?

Maybe it is the sense of danger we get from them. Maybe it’s their raw strength or their powerful venom or maybe as humans we have a strange fascination with death.

If you doubt that people have a fascination with these animals think about what you would rather see, a robin walking along or a hawk diving for it’s prey?

Animals that aren’t killing something are rarely interesting to us for some reason. Cows for example seem boring and mundane compared to a Grizzly bear…

I found some interesting videos around the old interwebs that I thought you might enjoy watching and it’ll be good for you to know if there are animals you need to avoid in an area you’re traveling to.

5 Useful Travel Hacks, Tips And Tricks Videos

Have you ever had problems with getting all of your stuff to fit in your suitcases?

Have you ever been concerned that someone may pick your pocket or worse maybe you have had your pocket picked?

Well in this blog post I will be sharing some of the best information that I have found around the web for travel related hacks.

I personally have learned a thing or two from these videos and I thought I would pass them on to you.