I Love Turtles & Tortoises…Even Angry Ones!

Yesterday I was poking around online and I noticed a headline that caught my attention. The head line read He interrupted their mating and the slowest chase ever ensues. I clicked it because I sawa turtle in the share image and this is the video that I saw:

Despite the large size of the previous Tortoise he isn’t as scary to me as this little fellow. Alligator snapping turtles are some scary turtles. That hooked beak and their unwillingness to let go makes these little guys brutal killers in the wild. You really don’t want these guys to get a hold of you fingers.

While I was at the Miami Zoo I saw a much larger version of the alligator snapping turtle. This turtle was part of a fun show that featured several different animals. This turtle was my favorite though:

We had some snapping turtles for a while. I loved them cause they were little and friendly. We found them on the day they were born. Once we figured out what type of turtles they were we decided to look into some videos on YouTube to learn more about them. That day we learned that they can live a really long time and that they have found musket balls in them from the civil war. During our research I found this video from River Monsters where a guy almost gets his ding dong bit off when they pull a soft shelled turtle out of the water…Many turtles have much longer necks that you would guess and this crew member misjudges just how far those guys can reach…

Some people think that turtles are all slow but it turns out that that isn’t true…Look how fast this little fella can go when he decides that he is in danger:

And finally I want to share one of the coolest turtle experiences that I have had so far. In Grand cayman there is a sea turtle farm and we got to hold one of the babies. We’ve found that most turtles seem to like getting their necks rubbed and this one was no different.

I personally love turtles and Tortoises. I have had them as pets and I would have one as a pet again. I also love to see them as I travel. If you like to travel and see turtles and other cool things then I have something that I think will be of benefit to you. All you need to do is click the banner below.