A Lost Cat Leads Us To A Cool Caterpillar

My wife and I were leaving to go to a meeting we had to be at and while we were still in the parking lot we met a lady who had lost her cat. After a brief conversation we learned that the cat had been out on her porch on the third story of the building she lives in and that the cat had jumped up onto a rail on the porch and apparently had fallen off.

The cat has not been seen sine last Thursday. The owner was very upset and out looking for the cat. We had to go off to our meeting but decided that we would look for the cat ourselves once we returned home. We got back a couple of hours later and we grabbed a towel to wrap the cat in in case we came across her in our investigation. Unfortunately we did not find the cat. At least not yet. We’ll keep looking.

While we were out I was walking along a fence line looking for the cat and my wife yelled to me to come look at this cool caterpillar. I had my handy dandy camera with me so I decided to grab a few pictures of this caterpillar since finding the cat wasn’t going well. So here are the pictures that I took.

Oh before I get to that if you are reading this and you are in the McNeil and Parmer area in Austin, Texas then I invite you to keep an eye out for a black cat with a white nose and chest. That is what the cat that we’re looking for looks like.

And don’t write off the cat simply because it has been gone a few days. Some folks I know found their lost dog in Las Vegas, Nevada after it was missing for about a week. The thing about that situation was that they live in Denver, Colorado. It is likely that the cat is still alive but rather lost unless of course it was severely injured from the fall or was in an additional accident of some sort.

Any way enough  with the random ramblings here are the Caterpillar pictures I took today. Feel free to use them if you like them. Just link back to this blog post if you decide that you like the pictures. So give me credit for the images and it’s all good. I believe in sharing. 🙂