3 Refreshing Bahamas Resorts Videos That Will Inspire You To Set A Goal To Visit The Bahamas

I have not been to Bahamas resort yet however I intend to go there very soon. I love the beauty that I have seen in all of the pictures and videos that I have seen online. I also really, really really want to ride the water slide in Nassau the has the sharks in the tank around the glass tube part of the slide.

In these video I want to share some of what I see about the Bahamas resorts and why I want to go there. Maybe even inspire you a little bit to set a goal to visit the Bahamas yourself.

  1. ATLANTIS RESORT (Paradise Island, Bahamas)

    In this video you see the sharks and the sting rays and to my surprise even hammerhead sharks floating around. This is exactly what I want to see but first hand.
  2. The Bahamas – Grand Lucayan Resort – Freeport, Grand Bahama Tour

    IN this video I loved the pools and the landscape that they showcase over on the Grand Bahamas island. I am not too sure that it gets more luxurious than this!
  3. Things to do in the Bahamas 2014

    This video is a little long but skip through it some because there are some really great things to do in the Bahamas resorts featured in this video.

    I also liked this video because it really shows off the the water activities that are available. I can’t wait to get to these resorts and enjoy myself!

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