3 Refreshing Bahamas Resorts Videos That Will Inspire You To Set A Goal To Visit The Bahamas

I have not been to Bahamas resort yet however I intend to go there very soon. I love the beauty that I have seen in all of the pictures and videos that I have seen online. I also really, really really want to ride the water slide in Nassau the has the sharks in the tank around the glass tube part of the slide.

In these video I want to share some of what I see about the Bahamas resorts and why I want to go there. Maybe even inspire you a little bit to set a goal to visit the Bahamas yourself.

I Love Turtles & Tortoises…Even Angry Ones!

Yesterday I was poking around online and I noticed a headline that caught my attention. The head line read He interrupted their mating and the slowest chase ever ensues. I clicked it because I sawa turtle in the share image and this is the video that I saw: Despite the large size of the previous… Read more I Love Turtles & Tortoises…Even Angry Ones!

3 GoPro Videos From Around The World

Have you ever wondered what the world might look like from another person’s perspective? Well maybe these Go Pro Camera videos will help you to see things from a different angle. Obviously you’ll be looking at their perspective from your perspective but I guess that the GoPro camera’s view is about the best we can… Read more 3 GoPro Videos From Around The World

2 Dangerous Animal Videos

Why is it that the most dangerous animals in the world are also the most fascinating?

Maybe it is the sense of danger we get from them. Maybe it’s their raw strength or their powerful venom or maybe as humans we have a strange fascination with death.

If you doubt that people have a fascination with these animals think about what you would rather see, a robin walking along or a hawk diving for it’s prey?

Animals that aren’t killing something are rarely interesting to us for some reason. Cows for example seem boring and mundane compared to a Grizzly bear…

I found some interesting videos around the old interwebs that I thought you might enjoy watching and it’ll be good for you to know if there are animals you need to avoid in an area you’re traveling to.